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Under The Umbrella Governance

Meet Our Committee 

 Our Committee is a very diverse group of folk, who are each passionate about the LGBTQ+ community, young people and their families.

When setting up the organisation the objective was to ensure our committee could not only represent the broadest spectrum of the community as possible, but also provide the organisation with oversight from a group of individuals that have experience and knowledge in as many different facets of society as possible.  Folks from the worlds of Education, Health, mental Health, Business, Safeguarding, Police, Fitness & Wellbeing, IT, Faith Youth, Inclusion & Accessibility, Funding, Home Education,  Human Rights & Unions, Sport, Schools workers, Performance and Art,  govern us through four meetings per year and ongoing, close oversight and management of the Operational team. 

Chair: Angela Selleck She/ Her. Area Branch Secretary. Unison.

Treasurer: Ben Jackson He/Him. Client Manager. Finance.

Secretary: Chris Bozzmoss. He/ Him. Business & Construction Industry

Gemma Gibbs: She/ Her. Thames Valley Police LAGLO

Maralyn Smith, She/ Her, CEO MKDONS SET

Isaac Griffiths, He/ Him, Deputy Chair MK General Hospital Pride Network. 

Ali Luxon, She/Her. SEND & Inclusion lead. MK College.

Sean Perry. He/ Him. Local Government Officer, Community Service Manager & Photographer.  

Mary Moore. She/ Her. Safeguarding lead

Lorraine Essam. She/ Her. Parent of a Trans person

Andrew Roche. She/ Him. ICT specialist

Soo Smith. She/ Her. Disabled Student Advisor. OU

Rev. Ruth Harley. She/ Her. Ordained Minister/ Faithfully MK

Keira Victoria. She/ Her. Youth Worker. Speech & Language Therapist & Faithfully MK. Ally

Abbie Sycamore. She/ Her. Personal Trainer & Trainee Counsellor. 

Jo Childs. She/Her.  Safeguarding, Early Years and Home Education advisor. Parent of a Trans young person & Ally


Many of our committee and operational team are mental health first aiders but there is a vacancy on committee at this time for a Mental Health specialist. 

Please enquire to : for more information about volunteering and joining our committee. 


Policies & Procedures

Our Policies are written by our Operations Manager, discussed and edited by the committee. They are  ratified  prior to implementation and reviewed in accordance with the review schedule (detailed for each individual policy).

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