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Utu Cafe

Utu Cafe runs on Wednesdays from 7:30 to 8:30 pm, if for any reason the group isn't on it will be posted on our social media pages. The group is for LGBTQ+ people aged 18-25. It is a safe space to relax in as an individual, as well as meet other people from the community as your authentic self.

All of our sessions have at least two youth support workers, who are on hand to talk to if a young adult is in need of additional support.


Similar to the youth group we run, we don't publish the venue of our group to ensure that it stays a genuine safe location to all of our members. If you are interested in attending -or know somebody who would be interested- we will happily give you more information and can answer any questions if you email us at

Pride Flag

So what do we do at UTu Cafe?

Utu Cafe is about providing a genuine safe space for young adults to be themselves and meet other local LGBTQ+ young adults. It is a shorter session as we encourage these young people to make their own plans with the new friends they make, we simply provide the safe environment to make those friendships. 

Though it is mainly a facilitated space to encourage friendships, we do offer activities too. These can include:

  • Crafts- like tie dye, crochet, and anything that is suggested that we can do!

  • Make up

  • Gardening and planting

  • Watching films or shows 

  • Playing pool and Table football

  • Making music

  • Taking part in community activities

  • Eating donuts 

  • Days Out

  • Proms

We are always happy to take more suggestions or try something different!

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