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Empowering Youth: Our Outreach Program

At Under The Umbrella, we're not just a youth service; we're a beacon of support and understanding for all young LGBTQIA+ individuals in Milton Keynes. Our dedicated outreach team goes beyond the walls of our space to inspire and educate young minds through engaging assemblies.


What We Cover:

- **LGBTQIA+ Basics**: Understanding the acronym and what it stands for.
- **Pronouns**: Why they matter and how to use/ask for them respectfully.
- **Personal Stories**: Hear firsthand experiences from our community members in Milton Keynes.
- **Speaking Out Safely**: Tools and tips for advocating for yourself and others.
- **Supporting Each Other**: Building a network of allies and friends.
- **Historical Context**: How history has shaped and changed the LGBTQIA+ community.


Collaborative Learning
If you have a topic in mind that you'd like us to explore with your group, we're all ears! Our team is driven by passion, not profit. We operate solely on the dedication of volunteers who want to see Milton Keynes thrive as a safe haven for everyone to embrace their true selves.


What We Offer:
- **Drop-ins and Assemblies**: Engaging sessions to foster dialogue and understanding.
- **Safe Space Setup**: Assistance in creating safe spaces within your school or organization.
- **Empowerment**: Tools to empower individuals to make the world a safer, more inclusive place.


Meet Our Team
Rest assured, our team is fully certified with DBS checks and boasts over 50+ years of collective experience working with young people. Every moment spent with us is driven by a genuine desire to create a better, more accepting world for all.


Get in Touch!
If you're ready to invite us to your school or organization for a drop-in session, assembly, or to set up a safe space, we're here and eager to help. Let's work together to make Milton Keynes a shining example of inclusivity and acceptance.

Contact us today to schedule a session!

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